“Goodbye Earl” by Artist Bambou Gili

A new collection of paintings by New Mexico-based artist Bambou Gili. Recently on display at Night Gallery in Los Angeles, “Goodbye Earl” showcases Gili’s surreal style and penchant for atmospheric, nocturnal colour palettes. With this work Gili responds directly to specific contemporary concerns following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade and spate of assaults against Asian American women. The fantastical narrative explores themes of female friendship, vengeance, and revolution.

Inspired by The Chicks’ 1999 song “Goodbye Earl,” Gili loosely follows the story of two high school friends (Wanda and Mary Anne) who kill Wanda’s abusive husband. Gili contrasts the initial image of the two women standing together in prom dresses with subsequent canvases where Wanda and Mary Anne succumb to their violent instincts, donning mobster suits and methodically carrying out their vengeance. While the pair may never have wanted to kill Earl, their actions are treated with grace and tenderness as an act that was necessary in order for them to be free.

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